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Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes

posted Mar 6, 2014, 12:08 PM by Bipin Sasi

Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes (GAMLN) is a native Notes database tool that migrates mail, calendar, contacts, and group information from your Notes accounts to Google Apps.

This server-side migration tool offers administrators:

  • Scheduled migrations and migration templates
  • Automatic provisioning of Google Apps accounts
  • Tools for migration notifications, reporting, and logging
  • High data integrity for migration of mail, calendar, contact information from Lotus Notes to Google Apps


System Requirements

  • Google Apps for Business or Education.
  • IBM Lotus Domino Server Release 6.5 or later. The migration tool must be installed on a Microsoft Windows 2003 or higher server. Mail files may reside on any operating system that supports Lotus Notes.
  • A single Notes Client with Domino Administrator installed.
  • Administrator access to the mail files being migrated through a trusted user or server ID.
  • Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 when using ServerXMLHttp to feed Notes content to Google

When moving from Lotus to a Cloud solution, the Email solution to an equivalent – such as Gmail, is obvious. The Domino applications however, which are primarily workflow and transaction driven, do not have an equivalent solution.

While many may debate that Google’s Sites, Forms and App Engine are viable options for moving Domino Apps, they are not the right alternative for Domino if you consider the type of applications that reside on Domino and how the Lotus Domino Applications are developed.

Other Available options are Flawed

1. Focus on Runtime : Lotus Notes is more than Just a Run-time platform. It has a powerful Development Environment that is targeted to ease & intuitiveness. Migrating to a platform that overlooks the Citizen Development aspects is short-sighted. 

2. Costly and Slow : Most current approaches require a lot of effort and money rebuilding the applications in environments such as Java, xPages, .Net. The automated migration is half-cooked & works only in percentages.